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Gravity Yoga

 What is Gravity Yoga?
Something different from your traditional yoga practice, Gravity Yoga, often known as Targeted Flexibility Training, is a great supplement to other exercise forms. For example, cycling, running and indeed, yoga. Founded more recently in 2007 by Lucas Rockwood, the emphasis is on “letting go”, in all senses of the phrase.

Best practiced at the end of the day, Gravity Yoga focuses on long-hold stretches, performed completely relaxed, passively allowing gravity to do most of the work. It works deeply within the body leaving you feeling very relaxed and ready for a profound sleep. The perfect end to your day, and/or finisher for your usual exercise regime.
There are 3 main principles of Gravity Yoga:
Wet Noodle
Relaxing into the stretch as much as possible, in some poses, totally releasing, and in others using as little muscular energy as possible to stay in the position.

It takes practise to completely let go, relinquishing that control to gravity. Confidence grows with each attempt and the benefits are phenomenal.
4:8 Breathing
An exercise we can all call upon in daily situations, breath work has been proven to lower blood pressure, calm the brain, and tap into the brain’s emotional control regions. During stressful situations, “Take a deep breath” isn’t said in vain, it's proven, great advice.

Within all forms of yoga, as we slow the breath and extend the outbreath, the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated and switches off the stretch reflex, enabling the body to relax. This in turn allows the stretches to deepen. It also creates a simple focus during long, challenging poses.
Meet or beat your hold time
With a somewhat unusual method for Yoga, a time tracking aspect can be incorporated within a Gravity Yoga session.

To prevent the body from bailing out when a pose is completed, a stopwatch is used to measure the time held in a pose. The idea is to then match and eventually exceed your previous results for flexibility gains.

The time under passive tension is key, therefore stretch times cannot be random or intuitive. Each pose can be held between 2-5 minutes. A somewhat slower pace of yoga than Vinyasa Flow.

A challenge initially for both yoga beginners and experienced yogis, Gravity Yoga encourages you to let go, both physically and mentally. Let’s just imagine that for a moment…
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Give it a try!
If you’d like to give Gravity Yoga a try, sessions are currently being held 6 days a week online. Take a look at the full timetable of classes here.
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My name is Sara Coles and welcome to Yoga with Sara.
I’m so glad you’ve found your way to my website, as hopefully this means you either love yoga already and are looking to join an inclusive community, or are about to embark on a new passion for it.
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